Mission Veterinary Clinic & Animal Emergency Hospital


Physical Exam


The Doctors and Staff at Mission Animal Care Center believe wellness examinations are the most important components of your pet’s health care. It is through a comprehensive examination we are able to determine your pet’s health care needs. As pets age, their needs change as well. Some of the most common discoveries during our examinations include periodontal dental disease, skin problems, heart disease, weight issues and osteoarthritis.

We recommended an examination for every pet at least once yearly and in most situations a twice yearly examination is more appropriate. Pets age faster than people. During the comprehensive wellness exam, our team will discuss your pet’s health status and recommend a plan tailored to your pet’s health care needs.

The annual visit for your dog or cat will also include:

  •    Fecal Analysis (Parasite Detection)
  •    Vaccinations as needed
  •    Flea, tick & other parasite prevention
  •    Heart and Lung Evaluation
  •    Eye Examination
  •    Ear Examination
  •    Dental Evaluation
  •    Neurologic Evaluation
  •    Abdominal Organ Evaluation
  •    Coat & Skin Analysis
  •    Body Condition and Weight Assessment

Importance of Wellness Exams

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