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What to Do When Your Pet Stops Eating

If your pet isn’t eating, it’s easy to get stressed out. However, working with our veterinarian in Granada Hills can help you understand this behavior and help prevent it. At Mission Veterinary Clinic, we have been helping residents address their pet’s dietary issues for many years. There are some questions you should have answers to before you go to the animal hospital. How long has it been since your pet has eaten? How long has she or he been eating this food? Are there other symptoms? Is your pet also not drinking water? The answers to these questions will help our veterinarian make the most accurate possible diagnosis.

Reasons Your Pet May Not Be Eating

There are several reasons why your pet may not be eating. It could be that the food is old or spoiled. It could be stress, anxiety, boredom, a change in routine, dental issues, or overfeeding. Your pet might not be eating because it has an upset stomach or is suffering from a different underlying health issue.

How to Get Your Pet Eating Again

It’s important to work with our veterinarian to figure out if the lack of appetite is because of a medical condition, such as food allergies or an infection. If there aren’t any medical problems to blame, there are several strategies to get your pet eating again. You can try different types of food to see if there is a combination that better appeals to your pet. Add a tasty topper or mix to the food. Some options can be fish or chicken, but make sure there aren’t any ingredients that can be harmful to your pet. You can also warm up the food. Work up an appetite with your pet by going for a walk before mealtime. Also, be sure to feed at consistent times so that your pet will get used to eating at certain times and expect it.

Contact Our Animal Hospital in Granada Hills Today 

Dealing with a pet that won’t eat can be frustrating. There can be so many reasons why your pet isn’t eating, but you do want to rule out serious causes so you can get your pet back on a regular feeding schedule. Call Mission Veterinary Clinic today at (818) 363-8143 for more information or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian.

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