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Toxic Foods for Dogs

Toxic Foods

As a pet parent, you must always be on the watch for things that could put your fur baby in danger. You have probably already put away obvious toxic substances out of your dog's reach, but don't forget that some perfectly innocent human foods are also toxic to dogs. At Mission Veterinary Clinic and Animal Emergency Hospital, serving Granada Hills, CA, and the surrounding areas, we are here to assist you with this type of important pet care information. Keep reading to learn about toxic food for dogs.


Although you would probably not purposely feed your dog onions, there is a high likelihood of your dog ingesting this toxic food if it is found in the trash or out in your yard. Be careful with how you dispose of trash and old food at your home. When dogs get into the trash, they are often exposed to toxic substances.

Artificial Sweeteners

This substance will likely be found in the trash, but could also turn up in sugar-free food items in your home. Be sure that you avoid feeding your dog any food if you are unsure of the ingredients. Your pet could accidentally ingest something toxic. This could endanger its health.


Avocados are a tasty, healthy food for humans, but dogs should not eat them. Be sure to keep avocados and any foods containing avocados out of your dog's reach.


Because humans love chocolate so much, it is tempting to share this treat with our dogs. Chocolate is toxic to dogs. In addition to this, dogs like the taste of chocolate, which makes it even more dangerous. If they find your stash of chocolate, they may ingest a great amount, which could be very dangerous.

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