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Bloody Stool

As a pet owner in Granada Hills, finding blood in your furry friend’s stool can be alarming. Understanding when to seek help for bloody stool is crucial to protect your pet’s health. Thankfully, our team at Mission Veterinary Clinic and Animal Emergency Hospital can help you determine whether the issue requires immediate attention.

Bloody Stool

Causes of Bloody Stool in Pets

A wide array of conditions, ranging from minor issues to more severe health emergencies, can cause blood in the stool. Some of the most common causes include:

- Dietary Changes: If your pet’s food has recently changed or if they eat something they shouldn’t have, such as human food, they may experience blood in their stool.

- Consuming Toxins: If your pet consumes something toxic or a sharp object, it can cause gastrointestinal damage.

- Parasites: Intestinal parasites, such as whipworms or hookworms, can cause bleeding in the intestines.

- Infections: Viral and bacterial infections can irritate the gastrointestinal tract, causing your pet to have blood in their stool.

- Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD): Chronic inflammation can cause a variety of symptoms, with bloody stool being one of the most common side effects.

- Trauma: Intestinal or rectal trauma can lead to blood in the stool.

Understanding the causes can help you determine whether your pet needs urgent care from a veterinary hospital.

When to Visit an Emergency Vet Near You

Determining when to bring your pet to an emergency vet can be difficult, especially since the cause of bloody stool could be something as mundane as a change in their food. However, there are some signs that warrant immediate attention:

- Amount of Blood: If your pet is passing a significant amount of blood, seek medical care immediately. This could be a life-threatening issue, and you should head to a veterinary hospital now.

- Persistent Bloody Stool: Bloody stool that lasts longer than a day is a red flag that you should visit an emergency pet hospital ASAP.

- Black, Tarry Stool: Stool that is black and has a tarry consistency is another serious sign that requires immediate evaluation by a veterinarian.

- Behavioral Changes: If your pet is in obvious pain, whining, or showing signs of distress, don't delay visiting the emergency pet hospital.

- Other Symptoms: If your pet is experiencing other symptoms, such as vomiting, lethargy, loss of appetite, or dehydration, then a trip to an emergency veterinarian is warranted.

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If your pet is experiencing bloody stool or any other health emergency, don’t hesitate to visit us today. Quick action plays a vital role in emergency situations, so head to our clinic at 16915 San Fernando Mission Blvd in Granada Hills now if your pet is experiencing an emergency.

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