We truly love the many people who make up our Mission Veterinary Team, and we pride ourselves on placing your pets and their needs first. This past year has been challenging for many people and has put emotional and personal stresses on our entire nation. That being said, we have a zero tolerance policy for behavior directed towards any of our staff members that may be deemed as disrespectful, harassment, threatening, or harmful. Our team has worked tirelessly to make sure we are here and available to care for your pets. We have continuously adapted to ensure we give you and your pets the best possible experience given the circumstances at hand. We understand that the many changes can cause frustration, but we will no longer accept our clients taking these frustrations out on our staff members. We can assure you, we are doing our best with the many government restrictions, guidelines, and changes presented to us. Moving forward, we will give our clients only one warning in an instance of unacceptable behavior. The second instance will warrant our management dismissing you from our practice and asking where you would like your pet's medical records to be sent. We warmly welcome respectful feedback and our management team will continue to make sure our clients receive the very best customer service. But cussing, demeaning, yelling, and threatening will no longer be tolerated. We want to thank the majority of our clients whom have shown us an immeasurable amount of patience and kindness. We are so grateful for you! We look forward to being able to treat and care for your furry family members and count it a privilege to be your family veterinarian. The best is yet to come!

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