Sarcoptic Mange

Sarcoptic Mange is caused by a small mite only visible under the microscope. The disease is highly contagious from pet to pet. This skin disease is sometimes called “scabies.” Scabies is often diagnosed in people, but the human mite is a different mite from that affecting pets. It is possible for people to become infected from the pet but is termed “self-limiting” because the mites cannot reproduce in the human and therefore eventually die out even without treatment.

It appears as a red, itching rash. Consult your physician if this occurs.

Signs include severe itching, reddened skin, bad odor to the skin, and scabs or crusts on the skin if it becomes secondarily infected with bacteria after scratching the skin due to the itching.

Once the disease is thoroughly treated, it does not recur unless the pet again contacts an infected animal.

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