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Acute Allergic Reactions

Acute Allergic Reaction Care

Pets can suffer from allergies just like humans. While people can undergo allergy testing and take regular medication to prevent reactions, identifying allergies in pets often happens after they have a reaction. At Mission Veterinary Clinic in Granada Hills, we specialize in pet allergies and provide comprehensive treatment plans to identify and address your pet's allergens. 



Allergy Risk Factors

Several factors can trigger acute allergic reactions in pets, such as bee or insect stings, spider bites, vaccinations, plants, certain medications, and more. There are typical signs that your furry friend may have an allergy, including watery eyes, face rubbing, swollen ear flaps or eyelids, and general lethargy. Although these symptoms can be uncomfortable, they are usually not life-threatening.

Different Types of Allergic Reactions

Pets can experience various types of allergies. The most common is allergic dermatitis, also known as skin allergies. Food and environmental allergies can also affect your pet's quality of life. It's important to avoid exposing them to unnecessary irritants. If you notice scratching, sneezing, coughing, or general discomfort, consult your veterinarian to ensure your home environment isn't exacerbating their allergies.

Acute Allergic Reactions

Acute allergic reactions typically occur rapidly after exposure to the allergen. Your dog could be happily sniffing the grass in your backyard one moment and struggling to breathe the next. This can be alarming for both you and your pet, especially if the cause of the reaction is unknown.

When to Seek Care

If you suspect your pet is experiencing an allergic reaction, monitor its behavior closely and seek immediate veterinary care. In severe cases, the lungs can fill with fluid, restricting oxygen supply and making breathing difficult for your pet. Anaphylactic reactions can occur after a bee sting, medication administration, or exposure to other allergens. Since you may not even be aware that your pet was stung or ingested a particular plant, it is crucial to consult a veterinarian or seek emergency veterinary care. These symptoms will not resolve on their own and can be fatal without proper care.

Get Expert Veterinary Care for Acute Allergic Reactions

At Mission Veterinary Clinic in Granada Hills, we specialize in treating acute allergic reactions. We can provide antihistamines and, in severe cases, administer oxygen to your pet. Under our care, we closely monitor your pet's symptoms and provide the urgent care it needs. While you cannot control pet allergies, you can ensure they receive the best possible care. Call Mission Veterinary Clinic at (818) 363-8143 to learn more about our services from our expert veterinarians.

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