Acute Allergic Reactions

An “ACUTE ALLERGIC REACTION” can sometimes occur when a pet is exposed to some substance which cannot be tolerated by its body. Acute allergic reactions usually occur SOON after the exposure to the specific offending substance. For some reason the individual animal’s body cannot tolerate exposure to the specific chemical.

Common causes of Acute Allergic Reactions include bee stings, wasp stings, spider bites, vaccinations, antibiotic injections, and sometimes certain plants.

Signs of acute allergic reactions include watery eyes, swollen eyelids, rubbing the face, swollen ear flaps, and “welts” (wheals). Welts are small accumulations of fluid in the skin. These signs, although uncomfortable, are usually not life-threatening.

The major concern in Acute Allergic Reactions occurs within the body. It is very common for the lungs to fill with “EDEMA,” fluid similar to what occurs in skin “welts,” making it harder for the pet to breathe. If the pet is unable to breathe properly, this decreases the oxygen supply which is required for the pet to live.

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