Liz entered veterinary medicine, thanks to her four-legged baby. She enjoyed learning how to take care of her canine. She was lucky enough to have her until she turned 18 years old. She says, “There is nothing better than being able to give TLC to animals.” We are very proud of her, soon she will be an RVT and her goals are to specialize in rehabilitation medicine.


Erika is currently pursuing a life long dream of working in the animal care industry. She has a kind and gentle demeanor that our animal friends instantly respond to. Erika is currently enrolled in the Pierce College Registered Veterinary Technician program. In Erika’s free time she enjoys being outside with nature and all animals. Erika is very friendly and always in a good mood. You can always count on Erika to treat both the owner and pet with love and enthusiasm.

Veterinary Assistant


We are very pleased to have Gabriel be a part of our Mission family. Gabriel has had a life long passion for animals, nurtured from his upbringing on his family’s farm in Colombia. He started in the veterinary industry in 2008 and hopes to continue in the field. Gabriel is currently a pre-vet student at Pierce College and plans on going to veterinary school in the next few years. He has always loved German shepherds, but currently adores the company of a spunky Maltese.    In his spare time, he enjoys going hiking and making memories with friends.

Veterinary technician


Marlen is a RVT student at Pierce College. She is a dedicated student and compassionate animal lover. Briana is pursuing a career in the veterinary field because she strongly believes every pet deserves a great quality of life. She loves working hard and caring for every one of her patients, all the sloppy kisses and tail wagging is more than enough to make her happy every day.


Edgar is currently enrolled in the pre-veterinary program at Pierce College, and plans on attending LSU for vet school in the future. From when he was young, he has had Rottweiler’s, rabbits, and birds as pets. Although he has extensive experience with many animals, he enjoys working with large breeds the most. On his time off, he enjoys volunteering at animal shelters, bike riding, basketball, and many other outdoor activities. Edgar was a member of the US Air Force for four years and we are proud to have him here.

Animal Hospital Manager


Danny is our cornerstone family member here at Mission. We are blessed to have him with us for over 14 years. Danny has always had a passion for helping all animals, and knew from a young age he would work in the animal field. Growing up with 3 German Shepherds, Danny has a natural ability and compassion to care for animals. Danny is in charge of our intern training program and has played a huge role in cultivating and sharing his passion for animal science with the interns and other staff members. On his time off, Danny enjoys spending time with his wife and four kids. Alongside his medical career he enjoys photography, and computer engineering. His up beat attitude and work ethic makes him so valuable to our team.




veterinary assistant


Connor was accepted to Chico State University this Fall, majoring in Animal Science. Connors intentions are to obtain a bachelor of science in animal science and then he hopes to attend veterinary school at Colorado State University. Connor enjoys playing water polo, running, hiking and backpacking. Every summer he has the pleasure of backpacking a portion of the John Muir Trail in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. He loves nature and the challenge of hiking at high altitudes.

Veterinary assistant


Patrick is a junior at Bishop Alemany High School. When he is not caring for animals at Mission Animal Care Center or helping with the family’s backyard chicken flock, he spends it playing water polo. Currently he enjoys playing for Bruins water polo club at UCLA. He hopes to attend UC Davis in the fall of 2018 as a pre veterinary major. Patricks intentions are to obtain a bachelor of science in chemistry and then apply for Veterinary College. Patrick looks forward to the O’Leary backpacking trip every summer in the High Sierras.

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