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Pet Ear Care

Have you noticed your pet is itching his or her ears? Is there any drainage? Perhaps you have a pet with special ear needs or just want to keep up with your furry friend's ear health. At Mission Veterinary Clinic and Animal Emergency Hospital, we are a Granada Hills veterinary practice that has made it our mission to help pets in any way we can, including with ear health. Let’s look at what is involved in pet ear care.

Pet Ear Care

Routine Cleanings

Our veterinarians can provide your pet with a thorough ear cleaning to remove any dirt, wax, and debris carefully. We use the proper tools and take our time, to not damage any of the internal components of your pet's ears.

Ear Mite Treatment

Ear mites might be a small problem, but they can lead to major issues. These tiny parasites will enter your pet's ear and breed. They can cause permanent damage if they are not treated. It doesn't help that they cause discomfort, so your pet will itch his or her ear, which could possibly lead to an infection.

If your pet has ear mites, you may notice a waxy discharge coming from the ear. It may smell foul. You might notice that your cat or dog's ears have irritation, inflammation, or pus. We have specialized medicine that will correct the problem. We will show you how to administer it and will provide you with instructions as to how often and for how long you should apply it.

Ear Infection Treatment

Besides ear mites, your pet could develop an infection from a fungus or trauma that allows bacteria to enter. When left untreated, an ear infection can lead to permanent damage to your pet's hearing. Our veterinarians can prescribe an antifungal or antibiotic to treat the infection. We will educate you on how to apply the medication and the specific directions you should follow to cure it fully.

Contact Our Veterinarians in Granada Hills, CA

Pet ear infections can range from mild annoyance to causing permanent damage to your pet’s hearing. At Mission Veterinary Clinic and Animal Emergency Hospital, our veterinarians recommend immediate treatment if you suspect your cat or dog is experiencing an ear issue. Call our team today at (818) 363-8143 if you have noticed signs of ear problems in your furry friend.

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