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The eye condition known as cataracts can significantly affect your vision. This eye problem is highly common, and millions of people and pets have it. It becomes more and more common as pets get older. Among people who are 80 or over, more than 50% of them either have this condition or have already had surgery. They are also very common in pets as they get older. Pet cataracts are found in the eye's lens, which is supposed to be clear. When cataracts form, the lens starts to get cloudy. This affects vision and makes what you see less clear.  


At first, the cataracts start out small and don't result in any noticeable symptoms. But they will get larger and larger as the years go on. As they get bigger, they will affect the pet's vision more and more. This can make everyday life more difficult. The pet will get blurry vision and see a haze that makes everything look faded. It's important for pets to see the veterinarian at a pet clinic if they may have cataracts. For pet cataract treatment, call Mission Veterinary Clinic in Granada Hills, CA to make your pet's exam appointment. 

Pet Cataract Symptoms and Causes

One of the most common symptoms people notice is that the eyes, or one eye, start to look pale and faded. The pet may also be highly sensitive to light and may leave when lights are turned on. This is because cataracts can cause glare and halos around lights, making it harder to see. Your pet may also have trouble going through doors or picking up a toy because they don't see well. They may have trouble seeing you even when you're close by.

Cataracts are highly common in older pets, but they can also happen in younger ones. This condition can be genetic. It can also be caused by diabetes or trauma to the eyes. Sometimes, a nutritional imbalance can cause it. This is often the case with pets who are on a milk replacer. There are also eye diseases that can cause it, such as chronic uveitis. 

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If your pet has cataracts, they may need pet cataract treatment from a veterinarian, such as eye surgery. Call our Mission Veterinary Clinic in Granada Hills, CA, today at (818) 363-8143  to get more information from the veterinarian. 

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