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Nobody wakes up assuming that their pet is going to need the services of a veterinary laboratory. However, when someone needs medical care for their furry friend, it is important to make sure that the lab at the animal hospital has the necessary equipment to run the important tests. Here at Mission Veterinary Clinic and Animal Emergency Hospital, we have a top-notch lab to ensure we find the right diagnosis for the pets of families in the Granada Hills area.


Lab Testing Equipment Is Important

The faster pets can receive the treatment that they need, the more likely they will be to make a complete recovery. Of course, providing the right treatment means arriving at the proper diagnosis. With this goal in mind, there are several common tests that our lab may run in the event of a pet emergency. These include:

Complete Blood Count (CBC): In this test, a sample of your pet's blood is taken and its various components are measured. These counts include red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Health complications diagnosed via a CBC include blood clotting problems, bleeding problems, and infections.

Electrolytes:  A veterinarian may measure the balance of electrolytes in your pet. This includes values such as sodium, potassium, chloride, and acid content. A pet’s electrolyte balance might be skewed in one direction or the other in the event of a seizure, dehydration, or other condition.

Urine Sample: In some cases, a vet may also want a sample of your pet's urine. This may require a catheter to ensure that the sample is obtained in a sterile fashion. A urine sample can be used to determine if your pet's kidneys are functioning the way they are supposed to, as well as detect any signs of a urinary tract infection.

These are only a few of the numerous tests that our lab is capable of running.

Trust the Trained Team at Our Animal Hospital

In the event of a pet emergency, we always have a trained veterinarian ready to give your pet the care it deserves. With the help of an emergency vet from the Mission Veterinary Clinic and Animal Emergency Hospital, we can help the pets of the Granada Hills area recover quickly. If your pet is in need of veterinary care, give us a call today at 818-363-8143.


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