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Pet Wellness Exam

Pets need yearly physicals just like people do. Pet exams are vital for catching potentially significant health conditions early on and treating them before they lead to complications. Missionary Veterinary Clinic and Animal Emergency Hospital in Granada Hills, CA, offers pet wellness exams to keep your pet healthy and happy for the future. Our highly qualified veterinarian will examine your pet and ensure it continues living a long, healthy life. 

pet wellness exam

What Happens During a Pet Exam?

A pet exam typically begins with your veterinarian reviewing your pet’s medical history to check for changes. Your veterinarian will examine your pet physically to check for abnormalities, such as lumps or sore spots. They will also draw blood and have tests run for other common animal diseases.

Your veterinarian will weigh your pet to make sure it is not too heavy or too skinny, as either of these can be signs of a potentially significant health issue. They will also check your pet’s teeth for dental issues like gum disease and tooth decay. These issues can affect other parts of your pet’s body and lead to problems eating or drinking. Some conditions can even contribute to cancer if left untreated.

How Often Should Your Pet Have a Wellness Exam?

Younger pets should have a wellness exam once a year, while senior pets see a vet twice a year. You should bring puppies or kittens to a veterinarian monthly to monitor their health and development. The time frame for your pet’s wellness exam also depends on their vaccination schedule and overall health. Pets with health conditions may require more frequent wellness exams to monitor their condition and provide emergency vet care as needed.

Your veterinarian will discuss the recommended schedule for your pet’s wellness exams. They may also recommend vaccinations for your pet based on its lifestyle and environment, such as the Lyme disease vaccine and the Bordetella vaccine.

Bring Your Pet in for a Wellness Exam in Granada Hills, CA, Today

Pet wellness exams are vital for maintaining your pet’s health by checking for changes that could indicate significant health concerns, so contact Mission Veterinary Clinic and Animal Emergency Hospital in Granada Hills, CA, to protect your pet’s health. Our emergency vet is here to help treat your pet’s health concerns and ensure it continues living a long, healthy life. Call us at (818) 363-8143 if your pet needs a wellness exam or emergency vet care.

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