Pyoderma is the medical term for a bacterial skin infection.  Bacteria are found everywhere in the environment.  Normal, healthy skin is usually very resistant to the development of skin infections.

Pyoderma usually is the result of some type irritation which damages the skin making it more susceptible to infection.

Causes of skin damage which increases susceptibility include FLEAS, scratching from allergies, dry skin, ringworm, sarcoptic or demodectic mange, and topically applied irritating substances including many flea sprays and dips.

Animals that develop recurrent pyoderma often have poorly functioning immune systems that prevents their body from fighting off these infections like a normal animal.

Pyoderma requires intensive, conscientious treatment, sometimes for prolonged periods of time.

Some pets may even require life-long medications to keep the problem under control, few cases, are incurable.

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