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Mastitis, Metritis & Agalactia

Navigating Mastitis, Metritis, and Agalactia with Mission Veterinary Clinic

Mastitis, metritis, and agalactia are complex conditions that can significantly affect your pet’s health. Mission Veterinary Clinic and Animal Emergency Hospital in Granada Hills, CA, provides an urgent care approach to pet care, ensuring immediate treatment for such severe health concerns. Our team of skilled veterinarians and advanced diagnostic technology ensures the best possible care for your pet in times of emergency. 


Understanding Mastitis, Metritis, and Agalactia

Mastitis is a painful infection of the mammary glands often seen in nursing pets. Symptoms can include swollen, red, and hot mammary glands, along with lethargy and fever.

Metritis is a severe uterine infection that typically follows birthing. Pets may display symptoms such as fever, lethargy, decreased appetite, and foul-smelling discharge.

Agalactia is a condition where a mother pet is unable to produce sufficient milk for her young. It can lead to malnutrition in newborns and can also be stressful for the mother.

Why Emergency Care Matters

When it comes to these conditions, quick, decisive action with a skilled veterinarian is crucial. As an animal hospital specializing in emergency care, we're equipped to provide immediate, comprehensive care. Our state-of-the-art equipment, including on-site radiology and laboratory facilities, enables us to diagnose and address the root cause of your pet's discomfort promptly.

Treatment Approaches at Our Pet Clinic

At Mission Veterinary Clinic and Animal Emergency Hospital, we customize our treatment plans based on each pet's unique health status. For mastitis, we might recommend pain relief, antibiotics, and nursing care. Metritis often requires antibiotic therapy and fluids, while agalactia management may involve hormonal treatment and supplementary feeding for the offspring.

Our experienced veterinarians understand the complexities of these conditions and are prepared to offer the urgent care your pet requires.

Your Pet Care Partner in Granada Hills, CA

Remember, we treat every pet as if they were our own, which means your pet's health and well-being are always our top priority. We understand how stressful it can be when your pet is unwell, and we're here to provide guidance, support, and expert care.

If your pet shows signs of mastitis, metritis, or agalactia, don't hesitate. Contact Mission Veterinary Clinic and Animal Emergency Hospital at (818) 363-8143 right away. As the leading animal hospital in Granada Hills, CA, we're here to provide the emergency pet care your beloved companion needs. Trust us with your pet's health, because nothing should stand in the way of their comfort and well-being.

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