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Care Tips for Elderly Pets

Care Tips for Elderly Pets

Do you have a pet companion, perhaps a cat, dog, or another animal, who has been with you for a long time? Or have you invited an older pet into your home? Older pets often show the wisdom of their years and can make for great companions. That said, caring for an older pet can be difficult. That’s why we put this tip list together. If you have any questions about elderly pets, contact our veterinarian at the Mission Veterinary Clinic and Animal Emergency Hospital in Granada Hills.

Caring for Elderly Pets

As you get older, your joints and muscles will likely stiffen, and you may be more at risk for certain diseases and conditions. The same is true for your pets. That’s why if you’re caring for an older animal, it’s important to make sure you follow the tips below! Visit or contact our animal hospital if you need further advice.

Watch Out for Joint Stiffness

Many elderly pets simply aren’t as flexible as they once were. Avoid overly long walks and jogs. Hiking through rough terrain may also be out of the question, and when possible, avoiding stairs is wise. The right exercise is still important, however.

The Right Diet is Needed

Pets have different dietary needs at different stages of their lives. Puppies and kittens need a different diet than older animals. Often, senior pet food and treats contain the nutrients your older pet needs.

Senior-izing Your Home

Your older pets simply won’t be as spry as they once were. You want to avoid sharp corners in the home, especially at your pet’s eye level. You may need to get a raised food dish so your pet doesn’t need to bend down to eat or drink. Talk to our vet about other tips for making your home friendly for elderly pets.

Proper Pet Dental Care

As animals age, pet dental problems become more common. Over time, even the strongest of teeth break down. Diet can also influence dental health quite a bit. If your pet is drooling excessively, avoiding eating, or exhibiting other symptoms of dental issues, a trip to an animal hospital is in order.

Elderly pets should also see a veterinarian more often! Contact Mission Veterinary Clinic and Animal Emergency Hospital in Granada Hills and we’ll see your senior pet right away!

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