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When is a Good Time to get Your Pet Vaccinated

When Is a Good Time to Get Your Pet Vaccinated?

Mission Veterinary Clinic and Animal Emergency Hospital is your Granada Hills animal hospital for all of your pet care needs including routine exams, vaccinations, and parasite prevention. While most people realize that pet vaccinations are important, the timeframe in which vaccines are administered can vary from pet to pet. When you visit our animal hospital for vaccinations, our veterinarian will develop a vaccination schedule tailored to meet your pet’s individual needs.

The Best Time for Pet Vaccinations

The best time for an initial puppy or kitten vaccination aligns with when they are first weaned and released from their mother's care. This means that they will likely get their first vaccinations with you and their whole vaccination record will be on hand at our animal hospital from the start.

Vaccinations are important and the sooner your pet receives them, the better. Some ailments, such as Parvovirus, affect young pets specifically and can have devastating results. This condition and others like it are easily spread from pet to pet, meaning vaccinations are not only important for the health of your pet but also the health of other pets in your community.

Vaccines can easily be administered in tandem with flea and tick prevention medications. This will keep your pet safe from contagious diseases as well as diseases transmitted by parasites such as heartworms.

Contact Our Veterinarian in Granada Hills for Vaccinations

If you are looking for pet vaccination services in Granada Hills and the surrounding areas, the pet healthcare professionals at Mission Veterinary Clinic and Animal Emergency Hospital are ready to assist you. Our veterinarian will evaluate your pet and recommend vaccinations based on your pet’s environment and lifestyle. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us today at (818) 363-8143.

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