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Hot Weather Safety Tips for Cats and Dogs

Summer means more time outdoors, and it also means more exposure to some of the threats that can harm your cats and dogs. Keeping your pets safe during the hot weather means taking a few extra precautions. Paying special attention to hydration, exercise, diet, and nutrition are all important. At Mission Veterinary Clinic in Granada Hills, CA, our veterinarian can answer any questions you may have about hot weather for your cats and dogs.


One of the most important things you can do for your pets is to make sure they are always hydrated in the hot weather. This means leaving out a bowl of water. You must make sure it is not overturned and stays full.


When the weather is sunny, people tend to take their pets outdoors more for exercise. Exercise is a good thing and pets need exercise to maintain a healthy weight but when the weather is hot, it is best to confine the exercise times to mornings and evenings when the temperatures are cooler.


It might be a good idea to adjust your pet's diet to one more appropriate for the temperature. For cats, consider switching from dry food to wet food. Dogs often need smaller amounts of food when it is hot outside. Make sure food is not left out as it can attract flies.


The best way to make sure your pet is getting the correct amount of nutrition in the hot weather is to pay attention to their eating habits and their weight. You don't want to end the summer with an overweight dog or cat.

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For more information on hydration, exercise, diet, and nutrition in the hot weather, contact Mission Veterinary Clinic today. Our veterinarian will evaluate your pet’s condition and provide you with the necessary guidance to keep your pet healthy. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us today at (818) 363-8143.

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